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Life Coaching: A New Model for Personal Excellence

Life coaching is a fairly new profession within the last decade or so. The development of this profession was inspired by several different specialties including mentoring programs, counseling and consulting, organizational development, industrialConvertible psychology, and business leadership.

Transformational change, Personal Growth training such as Anthony Robbins, EST, LifeSpring, and Landmark Forums, finance, career development, motivation,  philosophy, human potential training, spirituality and performance coaching are additional resources.

Coaching is considered as the Fifth Force in psychology by some. Beginning with Freudianism, then Behaviorism, onto Humanistic Psychology, then Transpersonal Psychology, and now Life Coaching.

There are well over 500 coaching niches, according to some reports. There are image coaches, family coaches, executive coaches, career coaches, financial coaches, corporate coaches, coaches for women in later life transition, Attention Deficient Disorder coaches, and personal fitness coaches, to name just a few.

Life coaching usually follows a holistic model. This whole person approach to coaching can include creating balance, harmony and fulfillment in all areas such as career, health, finances, relationships, spirituality, personal growth including emotional and intellectual, leisure, family, continuing education, abundance, home, office and other environments.

In addition, friendships, clarifying goals, discovering values, prosperity, volunteer work, kindness and giving back to the community are important aspects. The client can function at their best when every area of their life is maximized. 

Some Benefits of Having a Coach

CoachingWhy would you need a coach? It's hard enough to live the kind of life you really want by yourself. Having your own life coach, someone who is completely committed to helping you to unlock your personal excellence, achieve your dreams and life passions, makes living successfully so much easier.

Having a coach  allows you to accomplish everything much faster and with more ease than would be possible otherwise. Imagine having someone in your life who is 100% committed to you, your success and your happiness.

Coaching is all about achievement and taking action. Transformation, joy and intuition are part of the goals. A good coach is understanding, non-judgmental, and is unconditionally accepting of who you are and what you want in your life.

Your coach is your confidant and provides you with encouragement; your coach helps you discover and manifest your talents.

Coaching offers support and accountability, deep heartfelt listening--that is, listening without distraction, challenge, powerful questioning, problem-solving and truth-telling. Coaching is a relationship based on rapport and trust.

Life Coaching vs Psychotherapy


According to the National Institute of Mental Health, psychotherapy only has a 20% success rate.

I have a 97% success rate, and over 37 years experience.

I honor and respect your race, religion, culture, sexual orientation and way of life including senior citizens and those with disabilities.

I also welcome adults in consensual, sane and safe, alternative sexual and other creative lifestyle choices including those in the LGBTQ+ community.



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