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What makes me different?

By Dianne Ruth, CCH, PhD

Phone Calls are Answered
by me Personally

I answer my own phone.

You will reach me direct most of the time.

My voice mail is completely confidential. No one else has access to it.

I return all calls personally, usually within a couple of hours … and sometimes within minutes.

I especially welcome calls from 10 am to 7 pm / 7 days including holidays.

I offer you an initial, up to one half-hour, FREE PERSONAL and CONFIDENTIAL Phone Consultation. No strings. No commitment. No obligation.

I welcome and respond to all contacts from my clients during my time off, through phone calls, text messaging and email. I enjoy giving this extra level of service.

I will go above and beyond to do everything possible to help you when you are in need, even on my days off or after hours.

My Success Rate

I have a 97% success rate using life coaching plus alternative and holistic counseling methods.

According to the NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health), the average success rate of psychotherapy is only 20%.

The average length of time for recovery to take place is 3 to 5 months when working with me.

According to the NIMH, the average length of time a person is in psychotherapy is from 2 to 7 years of weekly visits.

My Fees are More Affordable

My way is much faster acting, which makes my fees way more affordable at potentially one-quarter of the cost of traditional psychotherapy.

A client in traditional psychotherapy over just a couple of years could conceivably pay well over $15,000 in insurance co-payments alone!


Your trust is sacred to me. I understand that the information you provide to me is meant only for me to better serve you.

I promise to protect this information and that it will be treated as confidential.

The exceptions to this are circumstances where there is clear and imminent danger to you or to others.

Then, disclosures of information to the appropriate authorities are usually restricted to only what are necessary and relevant.

If you choose to do psychotherapy where you can use your mental health insurance coverage, check the HIPPA privacy rules very carefully. There are several exceptions and situations where confidentiality does not apply.

My Clients Are Happy and Hopeful

My clients tell me that they begin to feel better starting with the first session. They do not have to struggle for years with feeling miserable and overwhelmed.

Each session after that is experienced with another quantum leap to recovery and feelings of hope and excitement.

Clients have reported to me that at the end of their sessions with a traditional psychotherapist, they most always left their sessions feeling worse than when they came in.

My Techniques Become Your Techniques

I use techniques and methods that are POWERFUL, advanced and leading edge. You will quickly and easily develop a mastery of each process I introduce to you.

You will then be able to use these techniques for self-help and as an aid to help close friends and family too for many years to come. More savings!

Rarely will you learn enough self-help tools during traditional psychotherapy to avoid a dependence on that system.

I offer a large selection of FREE easy-to-use, self-help techniques on my website that really work!

Many psychotherapists have websites that do not offer any self-help tools for self-empowerment and personal crisis intervention.

You end up having to spend more time and money with the therapist to get help for some simple issues that you could actually deal with on your own between sessions  with simple self-help techniques.

What is different about the way I work?

I am a Doctor of Clinical and Counseling Psychology. Among my many certifications (I have 36 so far), I am also a Board Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Board Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programmer plus Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner.

In addition, I have mastered advanced skills in TFT (Thought Field Therapy), EMDR (Eye Movement, Desensitizing and Reprocessing) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques–also known as "tapping") plus many more.

You have undoubtedly heard that we only use about 5% to 10% of our brain....

What I do is show you how to access that other POWERFUL 90% to 95% of your brain to easily and quickly reprogram the responses, emotions and behaviors you want to change.

I teach you how to use altered states of consciousness and cognitive and behavioral change work to take control of your life for good.

All traumas are viewed only at the subconscious or unconscious level (without conscious awareness or reliving the trauma) while being therapeutically defused.

This method helps resolve your issues naturally, instead of re-traumatizing you in the process.

More traditional psychotherapy also known as the "talking cure," concentrates on using skillful questioning techniques to help the client talk about and re-experience the shock and emotional damage of their experiences.

One of the premises of psychotherapy is to revisit old trauma and relive it repeatedly until the horrors of it finally become desensitized.

Some current research is now suggesting that this approach can make you worse each and every time you relive the same trauma.

I approach the work I do from a multi-level perspective. That means that I teach you simple effective management techniques you can use on your own to help you to control your symptoms.

Then during our sessions, I guide you through the deeper work to help you eliminate the distressing issues by changing the root causes.

With my approach, there is no struggle or will power needed–because change happens automatically that is outside of awareness and at the unconscious level.

This can be accomplished through advanced hypnotherapy, altered states of consciousness, and may be supported by other energy work such as EFT.

You simply experience a new sense of comfort, joy, energy and inner peace that you didn’t have before.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

There are a multitude of different therapies available. Some are of the talking variety; others give a cookie cutter recipe of exercises. Still others follow a specific formula for helping their clientele.

There are many management approaches such as AA and the many offshoots of that program. Even CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is now evaluated as only about 50% effective by leading experts and current research.

Most of these approaches rely heavily on using your will power for change. If only one plan helped everyone, than there would only be one plan.

By following the nudging of your inner wisdom, you will be able to decide which way is right for you.

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Life Coaching versus Psychotherapy

Board Certified Expert in Advanced Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Dianne Ruth, PhD can legitimately boast a 97% Success Rate.

She has coached thousands of clients over the past 37+ years enriching the success of not only multi-millionaires but financially strapped students as well.

Dr. Ruth’s private practice both in person and by phone specializes in short-term, drug-free anxiety and related depression recovery.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, psychotherapy only has a 20% success rate.

I have a 97% success rate, and over 37 years experience.

I honor and respect your race, religion, culture, sexual orientation and way of life including senior citizens and those with disabilities.

I also welcome adults in consensual, sane and safe, alternative sexual and other creative lifestyle choices including those in the LGBTQ+ community.



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